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Why? What? How?

Quadrant Design
London, 1989

Written by JD Henry for Quadrant Design Associates, this practical manual is subtitled 'A guide to the effective use of design for communication'. The key word is "effective". 

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A Woman's Touch

London, 1987

Subtitled 'Women in design from 1860 to the present day', this book is by critic, commentator and scriptwriter Isabelle Anscombe. She tracks women’s design and design movements through the last 150 years. 

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Painting in Naples

Weidenfeld & Nicolson
London, 1982

An exhibition catalogue, edited by Clovis Whitfield and Jane Martineau for Royal Academy of Arts and the National Gallery of Washington. Covering the years 1606 to 1705. House editing involved extensive work on texts translated from the Italian.


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