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Across Madrid. Tapas Culture
Across Madrid Cultural Tours
Madrid, 2014 (Walk design)

This dynamic travel company commissions specialists to construct urban walks, fun for all ages. The remit was to share a food-lover's knowledge of tapas so clients don't just taste them, they also discover Madrid's character and history through its food culture. Plus: no hangovers and healthy food the Spanish way! A percentage of the price goes to a local homeless project.

Across Madrid - Tapas Tour page

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Amsterdam Symposium History of Food / Spain's Hunger Culture
Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food
Amsterdam, January 2015, paper & visual presentation

The paper was a contribution on the 2015 topic: "Food, Hunger and Conflict". Entitled 'Spain's Hunger Culture: Picaros, Protestors and Cooks', it looked at the high visibility of hunger in Spanish culture from the picaresque to modern times, including its representation in three narrative cookbooks, but its invisibility (and masking by one cookbook) during the 1940s' "Silent Famine", as revealed by historians since 1995.

The Amsterdam Symposium 2016

University of Amsterdam Special Collections

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Atkinson Foundation for Public Policy / Young & Jobless
Toronto Star
Toronto, 2012 (Spain article, research & interpreting)

Writer, radio producer and photographer Neil Sandell dedicated a year to researching youth unemployment in Canada and Europe. In Spain he focussed on its meaning on the ground: as he perceptively wrote, “a thousand cruelties, many of them hidden”.

Follow the debate on Twitter: @youngnjobless
Series at a glance
Read "Spain's Lost Jobless Generation"

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Comer con Goya: Gusto y Ética
Proyecto Goya Aragón-Bordeaux
Madrid, 2016 (essay; not-for-profit)

Published in Spanish and French, this brief essay looks at Francisco de Goya's tastes in food and drink, how they were shaped by his childhood and then revealed themselves in his work. It is one of several texts in a short book published to celebrate the new regional cultural links now being forged between Aragón and Bordeaux as the milieux of the great artist's early and final years. Presented in the Museo Goya, Zaragoza in March 2017.

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Creative Personal Branding
CPB Lab / BIS Publishers
Barcelona, 2010 / Amsterdam, 2013 (As editor.)

Life in the creative economy hinges on personal growth. How do we prioritise and shape such growth? Jürgen Salenbacher’s workshop methods, which have earned him a cult following, are laid out here in absorbing words and graphics. Playfully didactic! Designer Simon Hüsler.

Creative Personal Branding on the web
App coming soon

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Di Testa e Di Gola
Digital magazine, articles
Naples, 2015

Founded by Giustino Catalano in 2013, DTeDG is one of a kind: an independent Italian food & culture site offering daily coverage through recipes, reportage, interviews, opinion, humour, and some lovely atypical food photography. A project of real integrity with a dream team.

Di Testa e Di Gola
Sushi & Tapas: Italian & English text
Giustino Catalano

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Fool Magazine: The Power of Simple Cookery
Fool #5
Malmo, 2014, 1,000 words

For the Religion issue. Lotta and Per-Anders Jörgensen commissioned a piece on Juan Altamiras' 'New Art of Cookery'. After reading the text they called him "a cookery revolutionary not unlike many chefs today."


Fool Magazine and Per-Anders Jorgensen's photographs

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History of the Saatchi Gallery
Booth-Clibborn Editions
London, 2011 (as essays editor)

Edward Booth-Clibborn chose over 700 works tracking Charles Saatchi’s art collecting since the 1980s. They are laid out as if hung in an imaginary gallery. Essays from Richard Cork, Steve Martin, Norman Rosenthal and editor Booth-Clibborn portray Saatchi. Designed by Sean Murphy, Value and Service.

Value and Service
The Saatchi Gallery

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Just Tell the Truth
Mike Figgis's Deloitte Ignite (A-not-for-profit project)
Royal Opera House, London, 2011 (flamenco consultancy)

“I’m intrigued to know what we all think about the state of the culture we exist in,” wrote Figgis of this experimental weekend festival. Mike had an idea: to continue a longstanding dialogue with Eva Yerbabuena and Paco Jarana by giving them the space to create a raw direct performance … watch it below.

Mike Figgis's website
Eva Yerbabuena's website
Eva Yerbabuena at Deloitte Ignite (4'34")

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Michelin Green Guide to Spain
Michelin Green Guide
London, 2011 (research & writing - Madrid & Central Spain)

Michelin updated their classic texts in this new edition for “people who want to see more” - not just sights and attractions, but also driving tours and an authentic cross-cultural sampling of Spain today. Edited by Clive Hebard.

Michelin Green Guides

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New Art of Cookery: A Spanish Friar's Kitchen Notebook
New Art of Cookery (translation and writing)
Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham/London, June 2017

A modern retelling of Juan Altamiras's influential 1745 cookbook. The author interweaves her English translation of the original recipes with new text portraying 18th-century Spanish life and food culture. Eight years of original research, cookery, travel and archive work inform the text and modern kitchen guidelines. Winner of the Jane Grigson Trust Award 2017 and the Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy's award for Best Gastronomic Research, 2017.

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Nuevo arte de la cocina española
Nuevo arte de la cocina española (translation and writing)
Ariel (Planeta), Barcelona, 2017

My updated critical edition of 18th-century Aragonese friar Juan Altamiras's classic cookbook threads a new historic narrative exploring food, culture and social history through the original text. The book is rounded out by modern recipe guidelines, notes, a bibliography and illustrations of produce and flavours. "A delicious way to taste history ... highly recommended." Clifford A. Wright, New York Journal of Books

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