Social Issues: Behind the Scenes

A Social History of England

Weidenfeld & Nicolson/Penguin/Book Club Associates
London, 1984

Written by Asa Briggs.  

'This is real history, informative, informed ... comprehensive.' The Sunday Times

'The illustrations ... are excellently chosen and superbly produced.' Times Literary Supplement

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Custom Stories of Our Islands

British Education Curriculum
Vanuatu, 1980

This series of school books, each one dedicated to a traditional story, was a Vanuatu Ministry of Education project. The stories were recorded for Radio Vanuatu. They were then translated into English, written up for different reading levels by teachers and advisers, and edited by W. Alan Roberts.

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The Santo Rebellion

Australia, 1984

Written by John Beasant. The Santo Rebellion took place in 1980, in the New Hebrides, a condominium ruled jointly by two colonial powers, France and the United Kingdom. This book aims to scratch below the surface of events and reveal the underlying issues of decolonisation.  

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